Nancy Mock2

I was a home economics teacher, though haven’t done that for years!  I am retired, and about to go to Guatemala as a missionary, working with teenage and pre-teen girls who have grown up in an orphanage, helping them learn some life skills to enhance their lives, and most importantly, sharing a lifestyle of dedication to Jesus Christ as Savior.

Why am I bothering to write a blog? Good question. Perhaps because I enjoy sharing my knowledge. Once a teacher, always a teacher, I guess. Should have come up with a better name for my blog, like “Nancy’s Ramblings?” Probably would have fit better! But I will TRY to cover the topics suggested by the title, too.

I have a wide range of interests, and they will probably be covered, from time to time and in various forms, throughout this blog. Hang on — you never know where we might end up! We might end up doing some vicarious sight-seeing, or designing a house, learning a craft, talking about some unusual movies, learning some Spanish, talking about music, shopping in a foreign country, the essentials of cooking without wheat or other grains, how women are making a difference — really, who knows? If you pop back in now and then, you hopefully will find SOMETHING that is of interest to you! My lifestyle is pretty minimalist at this point, so you probably won’t find much high-tech information on stuff here.

Hope you enjoy — I plan to!


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