Creativity — What is YOUR Specialty?

Tony Blacksmithing

Do you have creative people in your family?  Almost everyone does!  You are probably creative, too!

My husband was terrible with his hands, but he had the most creative mind of anyone I’ve ever known!  And we raised three creative children!    Our oldest is a writer, though I rarely get a chance to read what he writes, but is also not very good with his hands.  His wife, on the other hand, does bathroom and kitchen renovations just for fun!  Our second is extremely creative with his hands — became a “master” blacksmith while still a teenager, followed shortly by gun-smithing.  His wife has written a research book and is good at helping other people develop their creativity.  Our third, again, is all thumbs, but a talented novelist and playwright – and also drama director!

Oh, and I should also say that two of them also were inspired by their father’s creativity in the kitchen — if they cook, you are GOING to get a good meal — but most likely, they will never be able to duplicate it exactly again!  They have the ability to look in the refrigerator and on the shelves, and come up with something yummy — and some of the combinations SOUND pretty weird, but end up tasting exceptionally good!  For example, have you ever put pineapple in your chili?  Yummy and interesting!

I’m reasonably good with my hands, but not terribly creative mentally.  I couldn’t write a fiction book if my life depended on it – at least, not one that anyone would want to read!  THIS is a totally different type of writing – I can DO how-to’s – and that is basically what this is.

So, HOW are you creative?  Are you a creative writer?  Painter?  Seamstress?  Baker?  Gardener?  Problem-solver?  Cook?  Jewelry-maker?  Carpenter?  Organizer?  Photographer?  I could keep going, but you get the idea!  And many of our creative talents CAN provide income – but often, they simply provide us the pleasure of creating something unique!  Another option, instead of using our creativity for income, is to use it for bartering — trade something you can do or make for something someone else has made or can do that you want or need!  Win-Win! Then again, maybe bartering is YOUR creative talent — putting people together to help each other?

All that being said, I’m sure by now you have thought about at least some of your own creative talents.  Do I need to say it?  Why are you still reading this?  Why aren’t you already busy with whatever you are creative at?  Have fun!


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